Friday, June 15, 2012

Why I raise money for JDRF and updates

Artificial pancreas trial for type 1 diabetes a success

JDRF has been funding an artificial pancreas for a while. Its not a cure, but its light years better than what we have now. Basically it'd be a machine implanted in you which would test your blood sugar and give you insulin to lower it or glucagon to raise it. Kind of like a pacemaker for people with heart problems. Id love a real cure but this is such an amazing technology that ill be super happy with this right now.

Last weekend my dad and I rode 20 miles....not that far compared to what we've been doing but we also climbed a hill to 800ft elevation. That was awesome to conquer.

Finally, as of today we have raised $3997.42. Less than $3 away for $4000!  Yay!

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