Thursday, April 19, 2012

Biking with some torn rib cartilage isn't easy

Last week at soccer I was cutting to dribble around a girl and then I slipped and fell. The girl went to kick the ball and instead kicked me right in the ribs. I couldn't get up for a while since I couldn't breathe. I finally got up and crawled off the field. A few minutes later I attempted to play but I was in too much pain so I went home.
Friday morning (the next day) I left for Colorado to work as a snowboard instructor for a camp for kids with diabetes. I think the cold numbed my pain so I didn't feel it. Monday, though, I woke up in horrible pain. I went to urgent care Monday and found out while nothing appears broken, some cartilage is torn which is why I'm in so much pain.
I did manage to bike 22 miles yesterday with no pain, just less lung capacity. I also got a donation from awesome Antoinette...yay! 

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