Tuesday, July 3, 2012

104 miles of riding in 10 days

Over the past 10 days I managed to rack to 104 miles. I went on 2 rides with my cousin Luigi, one with my mom, two with my dad, and one alone. I was never really that tired after any of them. The big issue I have is time. One day I got in 33 miles but I usually run out of time before I run out of energy! 
For the first time ever I rode through downtown San Diego. There's a bike path along the harbor. It was nice but had waay too many slow people to dodge.
My donations for the auction are coming along well too. I got 2 meals at taverna blu del mar, some clothing from k5 and action star, some bike goodies from bear valley bikes, a kayak tour in la jolla, and a tandem glide from torrey pines gliderport woohooo! 
I also had some random "diabetic luck".  First,on Wednesday I went to a Liquid Force wakeboarding demo day. The guy running it is wearing a JDRF bracelet. I ask him about it and turns out he's a type 1 diabetic. Then the next day, I'm at rubios having dinner with my friend and notice a guy in line has an insulin pump. Then I notice his friend has one. Then his other friend is testing her blood sugar. Soo I ask who they were and they were in San Diego for a meeting with Insulindependence...a group that does sweet adventures for diabetics. Guess I was a magnet this week :-)
Now I'm off to the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life International Conference in Florida.

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