Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Auction on Saturday!

Our awesome auction/fundraiser/dinner/party is Saturday and we are sold out of tickets!!  Woohoo!!!   I am so excited!  100 tickets sold.  I am soo thankful for my mom, who made helping me plan this auction her life since May.  She is my inspiration and the backbone behind all this.  When things weren't going well, she inspired me to keep going!!  Then my dad, who cheered us on every afternoon when we told him how things were going.  And of course, has agreed to bike 90 miles in the blazing heat with me.  Every week when I suggest biking at noon in the heat baked inland valleys, he says yes with a smile.  Then, Dona Friel.  She is the most awesomely organized, smart, and giving auction volunteer.  She is putting together all our baskets, all $7000 in items!  She does it all with a smile and we are so lucky to have Dona helping make everything amazing.  Then, Natasha and Michael Bavin, who are providing us with beautiful rustic tables to use.  And of course, helping us set up everything.  Natasha brings such enthusiasm and a geniune willingness to help.  Thanks to Robert and Carol Griswold for donating their gorgeous home for the event!  They are so awesome opening up their home for us!  Beatriz and Jaime Morales who are going to make everyone yummy paella that they have generously donated.  We couldn't have this party without the paella and the people behind it.  I am incredibly thankful to all the businesses who have helped donate items for the auction.  It makes you feel good shopping at a business that gives back to the community.  Finally, all 100 of you who have bought tickets to our incredible event.  We can't do it without all of you. 
This October when I'm on my bike I'll be thinking of all of you <3

I leave you with a photo of me with my parents biking in Breckenridge, Colorado....11,000 feet....45 degrees.  Quite the contrast from Death Valley

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